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Ashlee Livingstone

Our Forté’s goal is to inspire organizations, leaders

and teams to align on the WHY of what they do.



CEO, Our Forté


Ashlee started her career in fundraising to support causes she believed in. She worked with top organizations to create lasting connections with donors, partners, and volunteers. 

But in the midst of it she began to feel trapped. She saw times when stroking egos became more important than the cause, and the cause lost in the spectacle of the event. She wanted to work with organizations that shared her ideals and values.

Our Forté was founded with the goal to help non-profits revitalize their fundraising activities by focusing on the WHY. To help leaders re-focus on their purpose, then bring that purpose to life throughout their organization. To inspire everyone to align on the WHY of what they do.

Now Ashlee is taking the lessons learned working with top fundraising organizations and bringing them to the corporate world.

Founder & Chief Engagement Officer




A combination of energy, creativity and passion, Ashlee is known for her original ideas mixed with a thoughtful logistical approach, helping bring out the best in every undertaking.

After working with leaders in the non-profit sector and their corporate supporters, Ashlee understands that many are struggling with similar challenges – losing focus on their vision, while struggling to balance their many priorities.

She sees leaders all trying to do their best, but needing support to revitalize and refocus. To make an impact in their every day. 

While her poker face may still be a work in progress, Ashlee prefers an honest approach – she’ll tell it like it is, and help you get over the hurdles that are holding you back.

Whether inspiring leaders and teams to build a thriving culture of gratitude and value or working with non-profits to create meaningful donor relationships through team engagement campaigns and events, Ashlee works to build connections – between people, their goals and the broader community.

​When Ashlee isn’t brainstorming new ideas, or keeping clients and their initiatives on track, she can be found playing baseball with her son Miller, hiking the Bruce Trail with her wife Kate and, feeding her never full (but handsome) golden retriever, Jaxson

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