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Ashlee Livingstone, Founder of Our Forté, talks virtual events & the key must haves to make them successful!


This webinar educates on how to transition and re-imagine fundraising event(s) for an online/virtual platform. Content will cover how to develop unique concept and experience, what partners you need, sponsorship engagement opportunities and expert tips on how to deliver these types of events effectively, offer value and inspire attendees.


Part One: “It’s Not Business As Usual” - Understanding our new normal and tips on how to focus your energy on re-imagining your highest revenue-grossing event.


Part Two: “Fundraising Fear” - Recognizing who/what is holding you back from going virtual, tips on how to overcome.


Part Three: “Re-imagining in 3 Steps” - Breaking down each part of your existing physical event and learning ways to take what works into a virtual space. - Tips on budget reallocation - Case study and examples of successful event transitions - Understanding the partners and key roles in a virtual event - How to activate sponsorships in a virtual event - The importance of guest interaction and experience - Fundraising activities: what works in a virtual event - Food and beverage options: enhancing the guest experience

Want to download our Virtual Event Cheat Sheet? Click here!

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