Curated Gifts 


Demonstrating gratitude is critical for non-profit organizations and businesses.

Whether your aim is donor, client, or team appreciation, the goal is the same - recognizing and thanking them for their contributions.

A great gift should be memorable and meaningful to the receiver, taking into account their personal preferences and values. It should also remind the receiver of YOU and your business and create a positive connection with your organization.

Make the Most of Your Gifting Strategy

The experts at Our Forté will create, brand, assemble curated event kits or client gifts to align with your organizational goals, and deliver anywhere in the GTA/GHA (pricing available for other regions).

What Your Gratitude Gift Could Look Like

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Create a kit that's right for you.

Perhaps you want to send your team a wellness kit, complete with candles, a book and mindfulness information, or maybe you want to engage clients them with a bottle of local wine, beer and snacks for an upcoming virtual social event.

The possibilities are endless!

We work with numerous local businesses to help curate custom gifts based on your ideals and budget.

"Management wanted to thank the employees for the work accomplished during the year and show employees their appreciation. Moreover, they wanted to ensure even though we are not able to have the regular in-person Holiday Celebrations, we still find a way to get together.  I reached out to Ashlee Livingstone from Our Forté and in no time we had our plans for a virtual event and a giftbox to send to each of our employees. All boxes included items that both adults and children could enjoy. Most of the items chosen to go into the box were from small local business owners in ON. The impact was twofold: show employees Management appreciation and we were also made aware that a few of the business owners were able to avoid laying off their employees during the difficult times we are all going through, thanks to our orders.The combination of the giftbox and the event fulfilled both needs in a spectacular way. They were very well received and appreciated based on the comments in the chats, and the numerous emails the organizers and the management were sent by employees. We could not have done it that well without Our Forté." - Paola Rabbath, CRH Canada Group Inc