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I support busy high acheivers, who hold a lot of space for others in their lives. I guide you away from overwhelm, people pleasing and feeling stuck in your life and move you towards a life that not only looks good but feels good too.

Personal Growth Coaching

For ambitious achievers, entrepreneurs, the ones who hold it all together - this is your space to rediscover you, to be held, heard, seen. With me you don't have to have all the answers, be perfect or fix anything. 

I believe we all need a space to be ourselves, to be held and heard without judgement, without the "shoulds" and without the pressure of making others happy. 

You deserve a space for you.

You deserve to put your oxygen mask on first.

You deserve to build a life you are going to be happy to see when it flashes before your eyes 

But for many of us.... we need to unlearn old habits, patterns, stories BEFORE we can do this. It isn't enough to "know" we need to put ourselves first if our actions don't change to reflect that. Most people are living in misalignment - where your actions (what you do) and your desires (what you want) are not the same.


I help you ditch your limiting beliefs, create new empowering beliefs AND create ACTIONS that are ALIGNED.

And even better - I help you know what you really want! 

If you are: 

  • feeling exhausted from doing everything for everyone

  • feeling like you have no choice

  • becoming forgetful or resentful about all the things you need to do

  • constantly complaining, running late, and experiencing racing thoughts

  • feeling stressed about the tension building in your relationships

  • stuck in the sh*t and not sure how to get out of it BUT you know you NEED to get out of it

  • wondering if you will ever experience time and financial freedom

  • not seeing the rewards of entrepreneurship - time freedom, financial freedom, flexibility, travel...

  • listening to the voice in your head that is doubting you, is anxious and filled with fear

Then I'm the coach for you! ​

If you wantto thrive in all areas of your life, experience harmony, space and to create a life that not only looks good but feels good, then I have got you.



  • Regulate your nervous system and feel calmer

  • Heal your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • Gain control over your time and priorities

  • Create healthy boundaries with confidence and ease

  • Develop deep self trust and love

  • Take aligned action towards a life that you are going to be proud to see when it flashes before your eyes



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What Clients Are Saying: 

Having Ashlee support me in completing the Life Map Assessment and then reviewing the results with me afterwards was such an empowering experience. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and a unique way of gently guiding you towards your own realizations. By the end of our time together, I had actionable takeaways that felt manageable and achievable. I felt empowered to take control of these less than optimal areas of my life and make the said changes. I highly recommend Ashlee and the Life Map Assessment if you are ready to crack open your life for better and for worse to create the energy, love and abundance you truly desire.  


Andrea M.

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