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You have dreams, but they get lost in the everyday. You have a vision, but it doesn’t always match reality. You have ideals, but sometimes they take a back seat to practicality.

This is real. This is life.

But you CAN live your ideals, you CAN refocus on your vision, you CAN make your dreams come to life. Sometimes you just need a little support, advice and encouragement from someone who's been there. A guide who understands and can help you develop your goals, act as thought partner, and motivate you to follow through on your actions.


To return to where you want to be - focused, energized, and moving forward.

Personal development is an investment in professional development.

Get ready to rediscover your joy – at work, at home...in yourself every day.

Coaching Introduction: Ignite your Spark  |  Uplevel Your Leadership   |  Group Coaching





coaching introduction

Escape your overwhelm and regain your confidence in leadership and life. This initial starter course is designed to help you explore your pain points and begin to see opportunities for ease.

Ideal if you:

  • are a new leader.

  • are curious about how coaching can support you.

  • are feeling stuck in your overwhelm, or desiring change, but struggling with where to even start.



  • Sources of challenges and overwhelm.

  • Imagining your ideal life.

  • Self-leadership and self-care as a springboard to serve others.


2 months; 4 sessions with accountability support and unlimited Voxer calls.


6-month intentional leadership development

Where are you in your leadership journey? How does that compare to where do you wish to be? We all have a sense of our purpose, but we may feel like we are falling short, uncertain, or on the wrong path. You need a guide to help you on your way.

Together, we will work through your leadership challenges and identify your top business, personal, or team development goals. Then we will build a custom strategy with achievable milestones to help you achieve your goals.

Calls will be structured around practical solutions and actionable steps you can implement yourself, and with your team. You will walk away with new/improved skills to lead your team as a mentor.

Be the leader you wish you had. Become the leader you wish to be.


  • A new leader (you’ve fallen into leadership or grown to a new level) and want to succeed. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by the demands of leadership.

  • Eager leader who wants to do things differently but doesn’t know where to start.

  • Small to midsize business owner who is struggling to inspire and motivate your team.

  • Solopreneur managing suppliers, freelancers and client work.


  • Creating a Life Assessment to help you understand “where you are now”.

  • Digging in to your leadership intention/core desires.

  • Defining your ideal leadership style and uncovering your  biggest challenges and blind spots.

  • Personal and team dynamics: understanding the drama triangle and creating positive change.

  • Reducing busy and overwhelm by focusing on time management and boundaries.

  • Developing a “how can I” attitude.

6 month program includes:

  • 1:1 VIP session to kick start our work together.

  • Life Assessment to establish your baseline, custom roadmap for our work together.

  • 1:1 coaching - 2 sessions per month (your choice of coaching or hypnotherapy), with accountability, unlimited Voxer support, access to workshops and additional tools.



We are planning to offer limited availability group coaching sessions in 2023. If you are interested, book a free coaching call with Ashlee to discuss your goals, and we will add you to the list.