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From Burnt Out to Balanced

For ambitious achievers who want to release the chaos and create a life and business that is sustainable and successful without the burnout.

I do this through a 5 step process that takes clients through my Badass and Balanced framework where we clarify priorities, create strong boundaries and develop deep self trust. So they can keep achieving amazing results in their business and create a life they have the time and energy to enjoy. 


(kinda like having your cake AND eating it too)

If you are: 

  • Feeling like there is not enough time to do all you want or need to do each day...

  • If you feel extra stress by not completing work or are feeling frustrated by your lack of follow through ...

  • If you are becoming forgetful or resentful about all the things you need to do...

  • If you find yourself constantly complaining, running late, with racing thoughts...

  • If you are worried you are becoming unreliable and on the verge of relationship breakdowns...

  • If you are so busy with work that you are not prioritizing self care / joy/ or important relationships...

  • If you are feeling effects of burnout such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and increased times where small fights or arguments are happening...

  • If you are not seeing the rewards of entrepreneurship - time freedom, financial freedom, flexibility, travel...

  • If you are constantly questioning “did I do that right” “did I do that good enough” ...


If you want all areas of your life to be thriving and to create a life that not only looks good but feels good, this may be for you!


  • Gain control over your time and priorities

  • Create healthy boundaries with confidence and ease

  • Overcome the grip of imposter syndrome/self doubt and anxiety and develop deep self trust and experience joy in your life


Focus first framework to clarify your priorities


So you don't feel pulled in a million directions and can confidently focus on your highest priorities and achieve your goals. 

Time Mastery system where we will ditch the “to do” list 


Ensures that you are in control of your time, allowing you to minimize overwhelm while maximizing productivity.... bonus..... rest easy knowing you have it all under control.


Confident Boundary blueprint creating boundaries with ease

So you don’t get distracted by others and can stay committed and present in your work life harmony.

Self-care Commitment creating habits for your self-care that become non-negotiable

To make sure you don't burnout in your business and helps fuel your mind, body and soul.  


To make sure you don't burnout in your business and helps fuel your mind, body and soul.  


Embrace, Empower, Trust (EET methody) developing deep self trust


So you can stop doubting and questioning

your every move and experience more joy in your life and business.


This 6-month package includes:


  • Life Inventory Assessment – get clear on your highest priorities so we know where to invest your time and energy


  • VIP session 1:1 review of assessment and creation of your custom road map and pillars of focus 


  • 3 x 60-minute calls a month – 2 would ideally be breathwork / hypnotherapy (mindset/ self discovery focused) and 1 would be coaching and action/implementation focused


  • Trainings / modules / journal prompts and homework as you work through the 5 step method 


  • Ongoing access to me via Voxer app for in between calls, daily check ins, progress tracking, accountability and managing resistance


  • 3 custom breathwork audios for you to use in between our sessions (start your day, bedtime for sleep and another motivation based one)


  • At the end of our time together we would do another Life Inventory Assessment to see your growth and progress


  • Value Add: Access for the duration of the program to the Power of Breathwork Group - shorter sessions focused on stress relief, and nervous system regulation - (includes 8 calls a month and access to all the recordings (value of $265)

What Clients Are Saying: 

Having Ashlee support me in completing the Life Map Assessment and then reviewing the results with me afterwards was such an empowering experience. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and a unique way of gently guiding you towards your own realizations. By the end of our time together, I had actionable takeaways that felt manageable and achievable. I felt empowered to take control of these less than optimal areas of my life and make the said changes. I highly recommend Ashlee and the Life Map Assessment if you are ready to crack open your life for better and for worse to create the energy, love and abundance you truly desire.  


Andrea M.

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