Is your event stale?

Are your fundraising activities the same each year?

Do people know what to expect because nothing in your event changes?

We’ve developed solutions to help companies like yours achieve tens of thousands of dollars in additional fundraising revenue, making them look like fundraising superstars with our Event Audits + Blueprint Service and our Ideation Service.

The Event Audit service is an evaluation and analysis of your fundraising event from beginning to end and a strategic plan to get you from where you are now to increasing your cause connection with donors and creating further impact by raising more funds for those you support. 

Ideation Services are packages created to help revitalize your event. New ideas and a plan to implement, we help organizations breathe new life into their events.

We evaluate: event format and show-flow, suppliers and vendors, fundraising initiatives, industry innovations (what sets your event apart from the competition) and awareness building strategy; are your guests fully engaged and connected to your mission?

The Event Audit process considers organization size, budget and volunteer vs. staff involvement and ratio.