Are you limited in staff resources?

Are your events stale?

Are you looking for ways to grow event revenue and turn guests into donors?

Need to figure out how to take your event virtual?

Stop doing events for the sake of doing events!

Start doing events because when done right they can raise tens of thousands of dollars through effective fundraising tactics

Our Forté creates events with impact. Events which go beyond just event day. We can help you turn guests into donors and turn events into experiences.

We partner with our clients to bring them customized, innovative event and fundraising solutions so they can reach their goals and continue to foster relationships with their stakeholders. 

We understand the challenge of limited budgets, but this doesn't hold us back from offering clients events that break the mold, introducing new fundraising strategies and partnering with the best suppliers in the industry.

With an arsenal of solutions, partners and unique approaches, we create plans for our clients to revive fundraising events, marketing plans, sponsorship programs, volunteer recruitment / management and fundraising initiatives.


How it works:

From conception to execution we immerse ourselves as part of your team to understand your needs and challenges, offer solutions and follow through on step-by-step project management.


Let us take the stress of events off of your team and into the hands of experienced professionals who not only understand events but who understand fundraising!