How do you want your clients, team and community to FEEL about your company and brand? While you may have a strong vision of your brand, is it being communicated consistently to your team and clients? Business owners get stretched thin, and while we understand showing gratitude and giving back is important, showing the appreciation you feel can sometimes take a back seat to more urgent business challenges.

Let us help give you the EDGE! When applied consistently, EDGE Gratitude is an essential support for other pillars, and can have the greatest impact on your organization.


Demonstrating deep and authentic appreciation for your team, clients and community is a business MUST HAVE, and never a one-off.

From hand-written notes, random acts of kindness, social events to gratitude gifts, we will help you show those who make your business what it is feel valued…while increasing engagement and loyalty with your organization.

We work with you to develop and implement a customized Gratitude plan that reflects the goals of your brand and aligns with your vision. We support you in putting the plan to action by holding your hand every step of the way.

EDGE Gratitude Programs

Explore one or more of our offerings:

Client Love Program

Development of your customized client love program, including:

  • Strategy session to determine:

    • WHO to target

    • HOW you want them to feel

    • WHEN is your best-bet timing for maximum return on investment

  • Creation of program timeline and tools including reminders and accountability

  • Evaluation plan and metrics reporting

  • Program implementation options

Team Love Program

Development of a customized team engagement plan, including:

  • Strategy session to determine:

    • WHO are you targeting, with an exploration of best-bet ideas recognizing individuals or groups

    • HOW they wish to be recognized (eg. group celebrations or private thank-yous)

    • WHEN – explore milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, achievement celebrations

Community Love Program

Many businesses express gratitude and build team engagement by giving back to the community through sponsorships, in-kind donations, volunteerism. Our Forté can help you develop and deliver your corporate social responsibility plan by matching you with organizations which align with your goals and help you make the biggest impact with your team, clients, and community!

  • Goal exploration and alignment session

    • Discuss organizational goals / values

    • Explore support options – sponsorship, donations, volunteerism

  • Organization matching

    • Research and present 2 to 3 organizations with similar goals/values

    • Support options for each group

    • Act as liaison between your team and the chosen group

  • Implement support plan working with client and recipient organization

Investment: Starting at $1,500 (Depending on goals and program options selected)

Implementation & Action

A) We Do It WITH You

The team at Our Forté will walk with you through this process and support your execution with:

  • Trigger and flag engagement moments

  • Regular status follow-ups

B) We Do It FOR You

Let the team at Our Forté make this even easier with a turn-key program for implementation:

  • Regular status updates and program evaluation.

  • End-to-end execution of the client/team love program.


"When the pandemic hit, like most organizations, St Felix Centre lost our usual means of connecting with our donors and supporters when we were no longer able to get together in person. We weren't sure what to do but fortunately Ashlee and her amazing team at Our Forte were able to support us in delivering a completely virtual engagement event. I was a little skeptical at first but Our Forte, as usual, exceeded our expectations! We had a virtual beer tasting and it gave us an incredible opportunity to connect with our supporters. Even just the simple act of being able to see each other without masks gave everyone a huge boost! Ashlee and her team led the event from concept through to final debrief and made the whole experience stress free, seamless and most importantly, fun! We will definitely be hosting more events like this with Ashlee and Our Forte!"

- Brian Harris, St. Felix Centre