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As event professionals, we have heard and seen it all. We are also asked questions weekly about events, fundraising, sponsorships, vendors - you name it! Here are some frequently asked questions...

"We are a non-profit with a limited budget, do you think we can do this in house instead of hiring you?"

Answer: Of course you can! But, be aware that running successful events is usually a full-time job, which is why we do what we do. The value Our Forté brings to an event can be seen in the results; how our game-changing ideas brought in more revenue, how our donor strategy has positively impacted the organization and how our clients' stress is minimized leading up to and on event day.

"We already started planning our event this year, can you still help?"

Answer: Yes! Reach out to us with as much info as you can and we will find out the best way to move ahead. If it's not a good fit for this year, we might recommend an event audit instead.

"What do you charge?"

Answer: All of our services are customized to fit your needs. We create proposals and quotes for any of our services. Reach out to us by clicking here to discuss your needs and find out what we can bring to your organization.

"Do you work with preferred vendors?"

Answer: We have worked with so many vendors over the years and are always happy to suggest the right person, or company, for the job. We know which companies excel in what and only ever refer people we feel are the BEST fit.

In any case, we do not get a kickback or commission on any referrals we make.

"Will you go and get all the sponsorship for us?"

Answer: Short answer - no. Long answer - we give you the skills to successfully run your own sponsorship programs so your organization can do it going forward. We help you carve out the time, we help you build your pipeline and we teach you how to implement the right ask, at the right time, with the right person. We will take the annoying management of sponsorships off your plate and give you the opportunity to build relationships. Want to find out more about sponsorship coaching? Click here or email us today.

Need to know more? Reach out to us with YOUR question.

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