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What makes a good volunteer?

February 1, 2017



Volunteering is the act of someone freely offering to participate in an organization or undertake a task for no financial gain. 

At Our Forté Events we work with volunteers on every event we manage and have learned that anyone can be a volunteer, but there are a few things that make a “great” volunteer. 
Here are some characteristics of great volunteers:

Willingness to learn 
Great volunteers come in knowing what they are doing as a volunteer and know about the organization they are volunteering for. We suggest you always get training on how to do the role you are assigned and understand why it is important. Ask questions if you don’t understand and if you need more time to learn – take it. If you understand your job, it will be much easier to help others. 

Friendly & Enthusiastic
Great volunteers we have worked with always have a positive attitude and reaffirm they are participating because they WANT to. So, at the next event you volunteer for, smile and talk to people – don’t be shy or afraid to engage with guests. We need you to help us raise money, thank guests and ensure a great time is had by all. 

Great volunteers follow through on their commitments. If you sign up to volunteer, please show up at your scheduled start time. It can be quite frustrating assigning volunteers to specific roles, training them ahead of time and then have them not show up. If there is a reason why you can’t volunteer, let someone know ASAP so arrangements can be made (or better yet, send someone in your place!). 

Great volunteers are willing to do what needs to be done, even if it wasn’t their original role. Before an event, we can schedule and plan for what is going to happen, but things change, people don’t show up and sometimes we need volunteers to change positions or stay longer than anticipated. Maybe during the event we realize you have amazing sales skills which would be better suited selling raffle tickets versus staffing the coat check and we hope you can embrace your new role and help us out! 

So next time you sign up to volunteer, remember what makes a “great” volunteer and be one!


Jennifer Boyko
Co-Owner & Event Director
Our Forté – Inspired Events by Jennifer & Ashlee

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