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July 4, 2019

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July 4, 2019

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November 8, 2018


The other day, after celebrating one of our client’s successful events we were asked “Why do you think your events are so successful?” That gave us pause…. What is it exactly? And at the end of the day we realized it comes down to a few important ingredients – our core business values - we like to ensure are always part of our events.


Our Team

We surround ourselves with a team of people who are the best in the industry and for what they can bring to the table for our clients. They are included in the planning process and they are brought in early to be part of discussions around the vision and goals of the event. We collaborate on new ideas and if there are obstacles, we use a team approach to work through it together.

We know - through experience – when we work this way with our suppliers (our team) we not only enhance the client experience, we ensure all additional suppliers are part of the bigger picture and more invested in the outcome. This also makes the event execution enjoyable for everyone involved. We love event day because we know going into an event, we have a group of people who are all going to work together to deliver an amazing experience for our client and the guests.


Do Different

Think about your event….. Do your guests do the same thing, eat the same thing, follow the same agenda every year at your event? We like to shake things up - from changing floors, stage placement, food service style, timing of entertainment, cutting down on speeches (we know this is a hard one for some of you), and introducing new elements such as VIP pre-receptions or an after party, there are many ways to show guests it isn’t the same old event. Events are a dime a dozen, but unique events are hard to find. Be unique.


Cause Connecting & Showing Impact

Do your guests know about your organization? Why they are at the event? Who you are and what you do? Do they know where the money raised from the event will go and the impact it will make? If the answer is “no”, “not sure” or even “I’m sure they must” then you need to change this.

People make donations and give because they feel a connection, inspired and know they can make a difference. You must show the gap – where and why you need their support, ensure you are being transparent by showing them their impact and that you are following through on what you say you are doing with their money.


If you hide your cause and need behind fancy themes and entertainment and your guests don’t have a clear understanding of what you need and how they can help – you’ve missed the mark.


We develop successful, sustainable events by ensuring these ingredients are present. Events are fun, they can raise a lot of money and build amazing awareness when done right!



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