Are you struggling to keep donors engaged?

Are your staff stretched-to-the-max and just do not have any more time for coffee meetings, lunches or drop ins?

Are you prioritizing major donors over event guests?

We have a proven track record of strategically curating events where we share stories, engage with a variety of stakeholders in a meaningful way and utilize your staff to nurture relationships which ultimately raises more money and creates donor loyalty.

Stewardship Solutions is an event which brings your stakeholders to you and your team – instead of dozens of meetings you have one. Bring your board, your staff – divide and inspire.

Our Forté will come on board to develop, manage and execute this project. This includes:

  •  Managing the budget

  • Creating and managing critical paths

  • Managing all event logistics

  • Creating and executing stewardship strategy including pre, during and post event touch points

  • Creating event agenda with featured speaker / storytelling opportunities

  • Creating briefing packages for staff, board – who to speak with at event (based on RSVP list)

  • Developing opportunities for sponsorship investment, benefits and activations

  • Creating a post-event report and recommendations