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Teams with EDGE share a distinct advantage – the desire to connect on a deeper level, the capacity for increased productivity and engagement, the ability to move forward, aligned and motivated,

to achieve common goals.

Do you want your team to get the EDGE?


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Are you looking for deeper engagement with your teams, your clients, and your community? Building connections between teams and transforming day-to-day interactions from transactional exchanges to ACTUAL, meaningful, productive relationships?

Our Forte’s EDGE Program has been thoughtfully designed to personalize business.

With four cornerstone pillars – Engagement, Development, Gratitude and Experience –

the EDGE program brings a mindful approach to how you engage with

your team and clients – because without their engagement, where would you be?

EDGE Pillars

Each EDGE Pillar is designed to help you connect your business with your values;

helping you develop your vision and cascade it down through your organization.

We will work with you to develop a custom plan from our four Pillars to help you advance your goals.


Essential for organizations on-boarding new members, new leaders who desire a healthy and productive rapport with their teams, or seasoned leaders who want to keep team members connected to their colleagues. Leaders will be coached on how to build and implement engagement plans helping ensure team members are valued ambassadors of the organization. 


Learn more about Engagement here.


Investing in your team’s goals pays off through increased work fulfillment, engagement and productivity. We work with leaders to set organizational goals with their team, and develop a support program with accountability check ins, incentives, workshops and evaluations.

Ask about our one-on-one Leadership Development programs!

Learn more about Development here.


When applied consistently, EDGE Gratitude is an essential support for other pillars. Whether you are wanting to thank your team members, celebrate your clients, or create closer connections with your community, we will help you show those who make your business what it is feel valued…while increasing engagement and loyalty with your organization.

Learn more about Gratitude here.


Shared experiences create shared memories. Leverage the benefits of all pillars into one unforgettable shared experience. From curated team building activities and retreats, to volunteerism and social activities or even DIY events, we will inspire your team, help them develop, grow, and have some fun while doing it!

Learn more about Experience here.



Want your event to generate an even deeper impact? Let us create custom event kits to build lasting memories and create deeper connections for your organization. We will create, brand, assemble special event kits or gifts to align with your event goals, and deliver anywhere in the GTA/GHA (pricing available for other regions).

Learn more about our Curated Event Kits here

Whether you’re interested in focusing on a single Pillar or wish to explore the total breadth of our offerings, let Our Forté help give your organization the EDGE.


This is a show for you, the enthusiastic leader and entrepreneur who is committed to engaging and building authentic connections with your team, because you see the whole person.

With tips and interviews with like-minded leaders, we hope to motivate you to take action, engage, connect and lead consciously - creating a culture of gratitude and value which radiates through your business.

Ultimately, showing you that when you show up with intention, you create space for your team to show up fully and confidently - enjoying the work they do for you.

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