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Take A Breath

Let me help your rediscover your joy, time, and self


Do you find yourself....

I’m on a mission to support busy high achievers in reaching their goals without sacrificing all their joy, time, energy, and freedom along the way. 


I want to help you get the life you want, right now. I know, from personal experience, that when we are living our lives in the past or too far in the future we are not present or aligned with what is important now. 

Many of us spend our lives on the hamster wheel just going through the motions and ultimately burning out, taking on too much, too fast and too often. Saying yes, when we know we don’t have the time or energy for more. We do this at home, work, and in our social lives. 

I am passionate about supporting my clients and their teams to clarify their highest priorities, create time capacity, and set boundaries with confidence, so they can be more productive, avoid burnout, have time freedom and experience ease and  joy in all aspects of their lives. 



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"Working with Ashlee is a fabulous experience! She is thoughtful, strategic and does what is required to get the job done. It's been a lot of fun working together and I highly recommend her services!"

Sarah Ernest, Director of Philanthropy & Communications at YWCA Hamilton

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