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Take A Breath

Let me help you Reset, Refocus and Realign

Do you find yourself....

  • Quick to anger?

  • Stressed with your daily life? 

  • Living day to day not as the best version of yourself?

  • Frustrated you aren't taking the action you know you need to reach your goals?

  • Feeling like there is never enough time?

  • Doing so much for everyone else you are completely drained?

  • Wondering why it seems so easy for everyone else?

I see you!!

Meet Your Coach


Hi! I'm Ashlee and trust me when I say: "I get it!"  I was aditcted to busy and stress - wore it like a badge of honour. Almost as if, the busier I was the more worthy I felt.


My constant overwhelm and self sacrifice led me to be mean, quick to anger, and even more stressed. I refused to ask for help (as I didn't think anyone would help), I wasn’t sleeping, and my chaos wasn't fun for anyone to be around. Not to mention the constant stream of limiting beliefs keeping me stuck and telling me: "you aren't good enough", "don't let them down", "who do you think you are", "there isn't enough time", "you didn't do enough"  


I was stuck in a cycle of too busy, not enough time and no way to change it.

Until.... Breathwork


Breathwork was thrown upon me…..I didn’t want to do it and thought, ‘this is just all woo’.

I wanted strategies, programs, templates to get sh*t done - because I thought that was the answer. 


But, I trusted my coach and I surrendered to the process. When I felt things happen in my body - feeling lighter, letting the tears fall, muscles relaxing - I realized it wasn’t just ‘woo’. It was the science of breathwork that appealed to me. And through this deep dive journey, I discovered the power of breathwork,  found myself and gave myself permission to grow.


Now I feel calm, I can rest without self-judgement, I can focus clearly, I know where I'm going and what I need. I'm not afraid to ask for help, to be seen, heard and to receive.


Yes, I still have stressful moments but I am no longer a "stressed person", I have full weeks but I no longer define myself as "busy", I still get angry but I'm not an "angry person"

Plus... the best part ..... my family and I are closer than ever. 


Why Coaching & Breathwork?


My coaching programs all include breathwork.... Why?


Because, I know from experience that growth, change, healing cannot just be "talked about", the beauty lies in the action - breathwork creates action.

 In order for real change to happen we need to bring the body along too (the body holds all our experiences) and breathwork helps us connect the mind & body.

Breathwork creates an instant shift from:

Anxious to calm, distracted to focused,  overwhelmed to clear, stuck to action.


Breathwork helps us explore our limiting beliefs, blindspots and gives us the tools to let old patterns go!

Breathwork gets us out of survival mode

Breathwork inspires action

Breathwork expands our capacity

Breathwork helps us develop deep self trust


My method of combining traditional coaching strategies with breathwork brings the best of both modalities together for a unique experience that helps my clients grow, heal, believe and feel.  


A breath of fresh air

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In today’s hectic world, it’s important to provide support for a team looking for creative and useful ways to deal with stress.


Ashlee provided an insightful, educational, calming experience, culminating in an exercise that everyone benefited and learned from. While it may seem obvious to ‘breathe’ during stress, Ashlee brings into focus the techniques that actually work to help relieve the tension. And it works!

Tom Flannery Funeral Director, Arbor Memorial

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