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Help your team reduce stress, stay healthy and improve focus

Corporate Wellness Workshops help to

Reduce Stress, Burnout and Drama within your TEAM.

Does your team:

  • Struggle to stay productive and focused?

  • Constantly feel the pressure and stress of the day to day at work?

  • Feel overwhelmed consistently?

  • Describe how they are as "busy"?

  • Engage in complaining, venting and drama?

  • Get frazzeled easily and project onto your clients?

  • Struggle to hit their goals?

  • Lose teammates to burnout, increased sick days or leaving the organization all together?

Then its time for a focus on the wellbeing of your team!

These programs are designed for leaders and their teams who want to increase their focus, enhance performance, reduce stress,  symptoms of burnout, and create healthier workplace environments. 


Why focus on stress reduction over productivity?

Chronic stress and burnout is no longer the exception. Workplaces are seeing increases in stress leave, burnout and absenteeism across all levels and roles. Not only is this financially costly to organizations (especially small businesses), it increases the stress on others on the team, creates gaps in productivity and affects the client’s experience.


Healthy teams lead to healthy businesses. 


Stress is and always will be a part of our lives. We in fact, need healthy stress to move our lives forward - we thrive with growth, exciting changes, new clients, new team members but the challenge comes however when our levels of unhealthy stress get too high, for too long and we don’t have the tools, awareness or sense of control to manage that stress. 


As a society we’ve been experiencing a constant state of unhealthy stress from events like: a world wide pandemic, isolation, media inundation, rise of technology, political climate and violence.


The “regular” person needs an opportunity to learn how to feel calm, feel in control of reducing their stress, have tools to practice and experience safety in these practices.


This is what these workshops will create. 

Workshops for teams and leaders who are ready to:

  • Grow personally & professionally

  • Find a greater sense of calm

  • Manage their stress better

  • Enhance their capacity & focus

  • Be more productive

  • Experience a regulated nervous system

  • Improve their sleep & energy

  • Confidently set boundaries

  • Feel mentally strong & confident in navigating life’s ups and downs


60 - 90 minute workshops include:

  • The Mid-Day Breather - use your breath to take a break and reset!

  • Finding Calm in the Chaos - tools to reduce everyday stress and feel calmer

  • Boundary is NOT a dirty word - confidently set boundaries to manage distractions & protect your time

  • Get in CONTROL of your TIME - ditching time blindness and reducing time anxiety

  • Ditching workplace DRAMA - creating effective teams without the drama



Wellness Sprint

I am a huge believer in giving people the tools AND giving them the time, space and accountability to practice and integrate them. Awareness is the first step but putting ACTION towards a new habit or behaviour/practice is the next level. Putting in the reps, consistently has been proven to be hugely valuable in creating lasting change. 


What’s a wellness sprint?

A wellness sprint is for leaders and their team to introduce a new healthy habit that will support their personal and professional growth, will bring a wellness benefit to the individuals and team, and will encourage collective growth and a supportive culture. 


How does it work?

  • Pick your timeframe: between 4 - 6 weeks

  • Choose your Sprint theme : Physical, Emotional, Mental, Overall wellness

  • Kick off day

  • Goal Setting: Time to set individual and team goals to accomplish over the course of the sprint - may be tangible or intangible

  • Leaderboard: with updates to check in / accountability / support

  • Rewards: Team and individual rewards


Wellness Sprint Themes Include: 

  • Encourageing movement - Physical 

  • Improving Sleep

  • Intentional Mornings to improve focus

  • Stillness/mindfulness 

  • Time Mastery

  • Money Awareness

  • Tech Detox 

  • Gratitude



  • Experience a more engaged, motivated team

  • Improve the wellbeing of your team

  • Increase productivity and happiness at work

  • Receive better results for clients and customers 

  • More regulated team who navigates stress vs. reacts to it

  • More effective conversations and communication in the workplace

  • Less absenteeism (and presenteeism)

What My Corporate Clients Say

Thank you for everything you have done for us in this program. You have been a great coach and mentor, and we have learned so much from you.  I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, my values, and my goals. I have learned how to use the Life Inventory Assessment as a tool to measure my progress and satisfaction in different areas of my life. I have also learned some effective strategies and techniques to cope with stress, manage my emotions, and improve my relationships. I have improved my communication skills, expanded my network, and increased my productivity. I have also received positive feedback from my peers, clients, and staff on my performance and leadership. I feel more confident, motivated, and fulfilled in my work and personal life. I appreciate your guidance, support, and feedback throughout this journey.

- Joseph Apps, CEO Joe Apps

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