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Virtual Team Meeting



Working from home and taking shifts in the office has created obstacles for leaders as well as challenges for employees who now often only “see” their colleagues in virtual meetings.

Following our engagement program makes it easier for you and your team to successfully build productive, personalized connections, while bringing company culture back to the forefront (even in a virtual space).

This program is great for leaders who are bringing new members on board and want them to immerse themselves into the team and culture of the organization. It is also a vital pillar both for new leaders who desire a healthy and productive rapport with their team, and seasoned leaders who understand the importance of keeping their current team members engaged and feeling connected to their colleagues.

Leaders will be coached and led on how to build and implement team engagement plans, helping build seamless connections with their team members ­– and between members – shifting the team from disconnected and siloed to happy, connected, valued ambassadors of the organization. 

EDGE Engagement Deliverables

  • Team Engagement Evaluation

    • Our Forté will confidentially collect, evaluate and summarize results

  • Create a customized team engagement plan with individual preferences layered in:

    • Appreciation preferences

    • Feedback preferences

    • Growth opportunities

    • Touch points

  • Plan Implementation – working with each leader/manager to implement their customized plan with:

    • Reminders

    • Accountability

    • Execution


Investment: Starting at $4,500.00 for teams up to 10 people (over 10 people? Let’s chat.)

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