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How do you approach organizational change and team development? It’s easy to become focused on day-to-day tasks and postpone or overlook planning.

Setting goals as a team – professionally and personally, is not just for the new year. On-going goal setting, evaluations, accountability and most importantly, taking action, is how the Development pillar supports Teams with EDGE. This is for the leader who understands that investing in their team's goals pays off through increased work fulfillment, engagement and productivity, but who may not have the time or resources to develop and communicate their plan.

We work with leaders to set organizational goals with their team, focusing on the whole person and their professional and personal goals. We then develop a program to support the team – and each team member – in staying on track with accountability check-ins, incentives, workshops and evaluations.

One-on-one Leadership Development programs are also offered to help individuals plan and deliver on goals which align with organizational objectives.

EDGE Team Goals Development Program

  • Collaborative team goal setting – a session focusing on your organization’s high-level, long-term goals.

    • Lead discussion and create alignment on team goals.

    • Assist individuals in mapping their personal and professional goals.

  • Sprint-goal setting

    • Develop one-two sprint goals (individual or group) which align with your long-term goals over a 1-3 month period.

    • Plot check-ins for accountability.

    • Develop incentive packages.

  • Workshops for professional and personal development (delivered virtually) led by subject-matter experts and tailored for the team’s goals.


Investment: Starting at $3,000.00

Team Goals Development

Sprint Goal Check-Ups

  • Continue to drive your long-term goals and boost employee morale with periodic Sprint Goal Check-Ups!


Investment: Starting at $2,500.00 per sprint goal

EDGE Leadership Development

Leadership Development

One-on-one sessions to establish individual development goals for leaders in your organization.

  • Mind-Mapping

  • Action setting

  • Accountability

  • Weekly check-ins (one-on-one)

  • Monthly Incentive (avg. $50 value)


Investment: Starting at $650.00 per leader, per month

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